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Reliable Financials.
Integrated IT.
Efficient Processes.​

Gabriela Rodil & Co. is a consulting firm that helps small and midsize businesses have reliable financial reporting and performance, efficient processes and IT tools.


Describe Gabriela Rodil & Co.

1. Practical and Pragmatic Approach

2. Rapid Implementation

3. Improved Performance

Why Us?

Because we are fun!

Because we bring a multidisciplinary approach to consulting that effectively integrates finance, IT and operations. 

Because we provide transparent and unbiased guidance that yield performance and value.

Because we quickly define and implement simple and profound changes to improve performance and profitability.

Because we are nimble, results oriented and relentless in serving our clients.

Key Capabilities

Practical Integrated approach (finance, IT, operations)

International expertise (Latin America, Europe & China) & multi-lingual team

Extensive M&A experience: helping business owners and their management teams optimize the company’s value.

Expertise in privately held and family owned businesses.

Benefits to Clients

Business owners / Management: go from feeling apprehended, frustrated, overwhelmed, blind, distrustful, out of control, stressed, anxious, and uncertain about the performance and future of the business to having reliable information, transparency and confidence in making decisions.  Manager and owners can have peace of mind, feel more in control, have greater productivity, visibility, transparency, confidence, accuracy, profitability, prosperity, and growth. Business are managed strategically, serve their clients better while better results.

Client Profile

Under 300M in revenue

Privately held or family owned

Manufacturing and Service Industries. Sample of clients served: Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Logistics, Health Care, Manufacturing & Distribution.

Our Services

Help companies develop and implement value creation plans in the areas of finance, IT and operations.

Prepare companies to go to market when in search of a buyer, investor, or capital.

Selection, implementation or revamping of ERP systems. (to allow the company to manage their business based on timely, accurate and reliable data)

Our Promise


Ready to take your business to the next level?