Minds are like parachutes—they don’t work unless they’re open.

Working with a GR & Co. consultant is like taking a tandem parachute jump with an instructor who’s flown hundreds of times—it relieves stress, inspires you to face your fears, and offers a fresh, aerial perspective of your world before landing you on transformative ground.  

27617 Magnolia-Gabriele  282.jpg

For our team it’s a competitive sport.



Our deft, flexible and fearless consultants gather all data, hone all strategy and channel all curiosity before leaping into your company’s future to:

·       refine your financial reporting

·       streamline your processes

·       customize your IT tools  

·       open your mind to inventive integrated solutions


Finally we interpret your reliable and relevant information into a financial snapshot that you’re proud and confident to present to your stakeholders.


Once we’ve opened the parachute of your financial imagination you’ll be ready to fly on your own—to heights you’ve never even imagined.