If you’re a middle market company (with revenues between $20 and $300 million) scoping out the next level of success let our Parachuting CFOs® guide you.

Gabriela Rodil & Co. will help plan your itinerary by navigating your hurdles and strategizing your route to the heights you envision. But first, they’ll need to map out your goals.




Parachuting CFO services provide a boost for your existing team as it soars toward your company’s successful future. A highly strategic consultant drops in, assess the situation, defines and implements a strategy, then propels your company to the next level quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re striving to scale while maintaining quality, or trying to advance your structure to match the growth of your sales and operations, GR&Co can help. Our sophisticated team brings experience and insights that maximize the potential of your programs, systems and people for the next generation of your company.

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Looking to go to market?

Your business is your most precious investment, so when you’re ready to devise an exit strategy CFO savvy is a must. Whether you decide to sell, or take some chips off the table and stay in the game you’re likely to be playing with the big boys—larger companies and private equity groups that run through transactions or Mergers & Acquisitions like an assembly line.  How are you going to negotiate on their level? How are you going to maximize your value?

Our consultants analyze all pertinent data and present your entire business in a light that adds the most value. They will help discover and substantiate add-backs and present your historical financials and forecasts with a flair that entices even the most experienced buyer. They will also be the point of contact (read: gate keeper) during the due diligence, so your team can focus on continuing to run the day-to-day of  your business.

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Ready for reliable and integrated systems?

If you’re still patching together multiple  systems into excel spread sheets and taking forever to close a month, or if you’ve invested in a brand new system but are not fully taking advantage of it–call us. Whether installing and implementing or revamping your system, we guarantee to leave you with one integrated, accurate system that provides the customized information you need. We’ll prime your main users, IT team and C-Suite to make better, mission-based decisions. We’ll tweak your software settings, trouble shoot your workflow and train your teams until you’re closing and analyzing each month within 5 days. 

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Craving to create value?

Whether it’s crisis, growth or ownership change that leads you to us, understand that time is of essence. Dissatisfied customers mean diminishing company value.  We present a birds eye perspective of your structures, processes and procedures so you fully understand why we need to create and implement more effective ones.  With unparalleled velocity we will help you master your operation and performance, then land on profitable ground in a matter of not years, but months.


Gabriela Rodil’s keen cross-cultural and language skills provided an unexpected bonus aside her technical financial expertise.
— LOU LONGO, Lead Consulting Partner/Global Services, Plante Moran
We needed to convert from a cash based accounting environment with 35 years of legacy processes to a GAAP based accounting system. Gabby helped everyone in our company not only understand what they needed to be doing to comply with GAAP, but most importantly, why this was important (which helps get “buy-in” amongst employees). This intangible value is perhaps more important than any quantifiable impact - it will help us evolve as a company.
— DAVID SILVERSTEIN, President & CEO of Alert Protective Services
Gabriela Rodil is a dynamic professional who pushed the company to achieve a 300% increase in its bottom line and maximized its value for an acquisition.
— DAVID SOLOMON, Corporate Group Partner/Head of ESOP Services Practice, Levenfeld Perlstein, LLC
In my experience, a great CFO serves their role and company, not only in providing exceptional financial oversight and management to meet goals, but also serving the Board, CEO and executive team as financial counsel in making progressive decisions. In my experience, Gabby possesses this unique combination of financial intelligence, execution, counsel and insight as a CFO.
— GARY ARAKELIAN, Vistage CEO Advisor, Kellogg Adjunct Professor
Gabby’s executive and financial expertise guided us through uncharted waters, and empowered us to reach our greatest potential as a team. Her contributions positioned a company that, after struggling to reach the next high water mark, was quickly recognized by a private equity group.
— NELI ILIVANOVA, Corporate Controller, Flexan Corporation

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